Wednesday, July 19, 2006

25000 "Americans" or Hezbollah's Dunkirk?

Debbie Schlussel wrote about the 25,000 "Americans now in Lebanon with most insisting on free US Government extraction. She also linked to a Brigitte Gabriel who also postulated a large percentage of the 25,000 were active Hezbollah supporters.
I would bet that a lot of that 25,000 is more than just Hez supporters. More like active Hez death squad members. If they get killed, their "buddies" remove the mask and gun, put the US passport on the body, and scream at how the evil jooos killed a US citizen.
Here is a better idea. How about revoke their US citizenship? Send over a couple of Federal Judges, JAG lawyers, and ask MOSSAD and NSA (I wouldn't trust the CIA) for enough proof on certain individuals. Hold a hearing right there. Do it up brown. Strip that citizenship right now in Lebanon and leave them to face the consequences.
That or do it back here and send the former US citizens to Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo, Cuba. Hooray!!!

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