Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Letters to Congress

To My {Senators, Congressman}

The recent events in the Middle East have driven me to write to you. The terrorist group Hezbollah has been committing acts of war against Israel and war crimes against both Israel and Lebanon. These acts are in collusion with the efforts by the Syrian and Iranian puppeteers who are attempting to get international support for striking down Israel for having the audacity to defend herself against blatant acts of war. This sounds like our “War on Terror”.

The terrorist group Hezbollah is the same group responsible for

June 14, 1985 Hijacking of TWA Flight 847

Dec. 3, 1984 Hijacking of Kuwait Airways Flight 221

Sept. 20, 1984 Bombing of U.S. Embassy annex northeast of Beirut

Oct. 23, 1983 Bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut

April 18, 1983 Bombing of U.S. Embassy in Beirut

(1982-1992) The first American hostage, American University of Beirut President David Dodge, had been kidnapped in July 1982. Eventually, 30 Westerners would be kidnapped during the 10-year-long Lebanese hostage-taking crisis. Americans who were kidnapped included journalist Terry Anderson, American University of Beirut librarian Peter Kilburn, a Presbyterian minister Benjamin Weir, and U.S. Army Colonel William Higgins who was literally tortured to death.

Those responsible for these acts of war against the US have been promoted to leadership positions in Hezbollah for these same activities.

The “Human Shield” concept is one that civilization cannot validate or tolerate. Taken to its extreme, a Hezbollah member could ask for a volunteer, make them look harmless and pitiful, strap them into a bomb, carry a “dead man switch” and freely operate throughout all Israel executing every Jew in the country and nobody could stop him because of the human shield who would die. This premise is stupid. Any nation tolerating such thoughts is insane, and the Islamic agencies will gleefully kill or enslave the populations of such countries.

The “International Community” seems to be gearing up to force Israel to back down against Hezbollah once again. Hezbollah is our enemy whatever one defines the rest of the Islamic Fundamentalist community. Anything short of the release of the kidnapped IDF soldiers, the enforcement of UN Resolution 1559 (in its entirety) and no convict releases, will correctly be seen as another victory by the barbaric forces marshaled by various Islamic agencies like Al-Queda and the governments of Syria and Iran. Each such victory makes it harder for any other Islamic agencies to resist joining in.

As long as Israel is willing to “carry the ball” she should be encouraged to do so and we should shield her from the revisionist definitions of war crimes. According to the Geneva Conventions, military forces within civilian populations are legitimate targets and any deaths of the civilians during attacks to reach those military forces are war crimes by the military co-located within the civilians. No approbation appended to the military who struck the civilians in trying to reach the co-located military. It does not matter what kind of positions those co-located are. Fighting, communications, training, recruitment, munitions, general supplies, and even administration positions were, and are, legitimate military targets.

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